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Session     .Net 
1      Joseph Reynolds      C# 6: New Language Features
2      J Sawyer                  All Your Logs R Belong 2 Us! (Logging with nLog)
3      Sam Basu                The Modern ASP.NET Tech Stack!
4      Curtis Schlak            ASP.NET Core: Building Cross-Platform Web Apps with .NET Core
5      Paul Holser            A Survey of Property-Based Testing Tools
6      Stephen Fulcher      Building a Simple Single Page Application with ASP.NET Core MVC

1      Todd Little          To Estimate or #NoEstimates, that is the Question
2      Allan Watty         Testing and Quality in Agile Development
3      Allen Hurst           The Past, Present, and Future of Agile
4      Robbie Mac Iver   A Scrum Conversation
5     Nirmaljeet Malhotra     Making "them"agile. The agile leadership mindset
6     Ken Howard            The Introvert’s Agile Survival Guide

               Career Development
1     Eric Burcham            Bad Developer!
2      James Del Monte       Interview tips and techniques that produce offers
3      Justin Self        Mistake Driven Development
4      Hadi Hariri        The Silver Bullet Syndome
5      Jeffrey Davidson      Say "No!" to Bad Bosses & Sleepy Teams
6      Jesus Hernandez      An introduction to Modern Web Development Through The Eyes of                                       An Avid Newcomer

1     Anthony {Tex} Moreign     Gen2016™ and the Global “Hybrid” Cloud
2     Nikkia Carter           Intro to Office 365 Admin Center
3     Shawn Weisfeld       Hello Azure Functions
4     Yung Chou         Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Compute, Network, Storage, Identity and                                Automation
5     Paul DeCarlo       Microsoft and the Internet of Things
6     Harold Pulcher    How to talk to millions of IoT devices without pulling out your hair

1      Hadi Hariri          Kotlin for JavaScript
2      Jonathan Hammond     Imposing structure on JS with TypeScript
3      Chander Dhall    Comparing top Javascript frameworks. What's the future and what's best                                  for you?
4     Jonathan Birkholz       Testing React and Redux
5     Markus Egger             Introduction to JavaScript for non-JavaScript Developers
6     Constantin Dragomirov   Unit Testing with MVC

1     yung chou            Buiklding a Cluster with Raspberry Pi, A Walkthrough
2     Robert Stewart     Business Intelligence - Building a Data Mart
3     Paul DeCarlo        Bash on Ubuntu on Windows
4     Ken Howard         The Psychology of Error
5     Claudio Lassala     Want to build software? Get your act together first!
6     Devlin Liles           DevOps on multiple platforms

1      Justin Self           Holy $#!%, the browser can do that?!
2      Jason Awbrey     Xamarin is Free - So Now What?
3      Philip Wheat        The Technical Founder
4      Allison Pollard & Mike Rieser      Technical Excellence Doesn't Just Happen – Igniting a                                       Craftsmanship Culture
5     Dan Sline             Architectural Modeling in the 21st Century and beyond
6     Brian Sullivan       Building Single Page Apps with Aurelia and ASP.NET Core

1     Michael L Perry       Xamarin Without the Forms
2     Seth Valdetero        From Dev to Deployment: DevOps for Your Mobile App
3     Mohammad Azam      Lean Controllers in iOS Development
4     Venkat Palivela        Continuous Deployment in Mobile
5     Sam Basu                Introduction to NativeScript!
6     Michael Nguyen      5 Android Libraries That Will Make You Look Like A Genius

1    Brian Culver          Building SharePoint 2016 Hybrid the right way
2    Rafael de la Cruz     Office 365 Performance Migration and Best Practices
3    Brian Culver      Real World Add-in Development for Office365 and SharePoint 2013
4    Daniel Lioznyansky     Increase value of SharePoint by giving users the right support!
5    Elwanda Bennett      SharePoint Success Strategy
6    Nikkia Carter            Intro to InfoPath

1     Minh Tran                     Collaboration in Team Pods
2     Eric Burcham and Devlin Liles      TDD By Example
3     Jim Bethancourt and Kiet Huynh    Ready, Set, Refactor!
4     Claudio Lassala        Software Development is a Joke!
5     Mark Reynolds        Coding Standards - Why? How? Get Started!
6     Michael L Perry        6 Ways to Prevent Code Abuse

             Sql server
1    Chad Berkan       T-SQL for Beginners
2    Tim Mitchell        Introduction to the SSIS Catalog
3    John Cook        SQL Server 2016 New Features
4    Stephen Fulcher    Building a Simple SQL Server Partitioning Solution
5     Tim Mitchell       Bullet-Resistant SSIS
6     Peter Tran         Getting started with Azure SQL Database